#Giving for Good

As a mutual savings bank, the Institution for Savings has always believed in dedicating a part of its assets toward making the communities it serves better places in which to live and work. Our three charitable foundations –Institution for Savings, 2 Depot Square Ipswich and Main Street Rockport—were established as vehicles to guarantee for future generations the charitable giving that has been the Bank's hallmark since 1820.
Our newest program, #Giving for Good, highlights Bank’s volunteerism as well as the non-profit partners that have been recipients of its charitable grants and do so much in our communities. Bank employees are given up to 10 personal time off hours annually to volunteer in our communities. In addition, "green teams" of Bank employees will go out into the community quarterly armed with cash to 'pay it forward': buying someone's lunch, paying for an hour of free coffee at the local coffee shop, purchasing supplies for a local school, and more.

Meet this month's #Giving for Good Hero

Children's Center for Communications/
Beverly School for the Deaf

The Children’s Center for Communication (CCC) is an organization that offers a broad array of services and supports to students with learning or communication disabilities. Beverly School for the Deaf (BSD), founded in 1876, provides education for a diverse group of students, whether they have hearing impairments, autism, cerebral palsy, or other developmental or physical challenges.
No matter the challenge that a student faces, he or she is viewed as an individual learner, each with his or her own strengths and contributions. All students, from preschool to high school, with any degree of hearing loss are welcome to take part in Beverly School for the Deaf’s strong academic and language-rich program. A student’s individual needs are supported by various approaches and accommodations such as ASL, oral language, cochlear implants, FM systems, hearing aids, lip-reading, and additional systems, which assist with learning and development. The overall goal of the program is to help students become well rounded academically, socially, vocationally, and in all aspects of their communication and life.
The Children’s Center for Communication/Beverly School for the Deaf (CCCBSD) is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit institution and students attend at no charge to their families. Opportunities to give and/or volunteer are available through CCCBSD’s many services, Alumni networks, ASL classes, or other on-campus events.
This year the Institution for Savings, through its Main Street Rockport Charitable Foundation, made a $15,000 donation to CCCBSD as the event sponsor of its 13th Annual Lone Gull 10K Road Race and to provide program support. The race will take place on Sunday, September 22nd at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester. The course is a beautiful, fast course with slight rolling hills along the back shore of Gloucester and is a USATF New England Certified Course. All proceeds benefit The Children’s Center for Communication/Beverly School for the Deaf.
For more information on CCCBSD, visit the website here.
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