Business Money Market Accounts

For customers than maintain higher balances and desire more competitive rates, our business money market accounts offer liquidity, tiered interest rates based on your balance, unlimited deposits and some withdrawal and check writing capabilities.

Money Market 
Money Market/CD Combo*
Money Market
Description Traditional Earns higher rates on higher balances Earnes highest rates on higher balances
Minimum balance to open $2,500 A Platinum Money Market of $250,000 and a Platinum 36 or 48-Month CD of $250,000 $250,000
Earns interest
Maximum balance n/a Combined balance of $11.5 million $10 million
Monthly service charge if minimum balance not maintained $10 if balance falls below $2,500 $10 if money market balance falls below $250,000 $10 if money market balance falls below $250,000
No charge for first order of checks
24-Hour Automated Telephone Banking
No-fee Internet Banking
No-fee Mobile Banking and Mobile Deposit
No-fee ATM Card and/or Visa© Debit Card and Point of Sale Transactions
Surcharge free withdrawals at SUM ATMs (other banks may charge a fee outside of SUM Network)
Choice of monthly statements by mail or electronically
Direct Deposit available
Additional information All Money Market accounts are variable and subject to change without notice, which means that the rate of interest and Annual Percentage Yield may change after the account is opened. Fees could reduce earnings
  *If the CD portion of the combined account is closed or falls below $250,000, the Platinum Money Market will revert back to the Bank's Traditional Money Market APYs. In addition, if minimum balances are not maintained in both accounts at all times, the APY on the CD will change for the remainder of the term to a predetermined rate disclosed at account opening. Maximum combined balance is $11.5 million.  Account title must be the same on all accounts. Fees may reduce earnings. Penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal on the CD. Combined statements required.

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