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What You Need to Know to Buy Your First Home
As we enter the summer season and temperatures rise, the number of house sales also tends to increase. If you are looking to purchase a home in the upcoming months, you might be wondering how to start your mortgage loan application, what information and documents you will need to apply, and what type of loan is right for you. The Institution for Savings has been helping home buyers apply for, receive, and pay off mortgage loans for almost two centuries.
20 Terms to Know When Applying
For a Mortgage
Obtaining a mortgage can be complicated; what’s more, mortgage professionals can speak in a language all of their own. To help take the confusion out of the mortgage process, we have come up with a listing of some of the more commonly used mortgage terms, and definitions in plain language.
The Many Faces of Buying Your First Home
Looking to buy your first home? Congratulations! Learn about the key players who will help make your dream of buying your first home a reality. 

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