goMobile Deposit

Fast, secure 24/7 deposits right from your iPhone® or Android®

Need to make a deposit but can't get to the bank? With goMobile Deposit* you can now deposit checks electronically using your iPhone or Android! Using the free goMobile Deposit app, take photos of your check using your phone's camera. Enter the dollar amount of the check, choose your account, upload, and your deposit is complete.

Getting Started

goMobile Deposit is available to qualified customers who have applied for and been approved for this service. To use goMobile Deposit, you must be an iPhone or Android user and enrolled in Internet Banking and goMobile Banking. Quick Start Guide  Apply Now

Not yet enrolled in Internet Banking? Click on Internet Banking Application located in the Internet Banking Login box.

*Limits on Deposits

Existing Customers (Customers with established accounts for more than 6 months)

New Customers (Customer with established accounts for less than 6 months)

New Customers may request a limit increase from the Bank after 6 months. Daily and monthly transaction limits apply per customer, not per account. If you have multiple accounts these daily and monthly limits will apply. Only one account holder per joint account can be enabled to make mobile deposits.

Please visit our FAQ page for more information. Additionally, please feel free to contact us at 978-462-3106 or 978-356-3600, or email us with any questions.

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