High School Financial Literacy Programs

As teens prepare to leave high school and go out into the world, they need to be savvy about critical money skills, such as using bank services, budgeting, establishing and managing credit, avoiding financial scams and pitfalls, and more. Recent data indicates that fifty-five percent of all college students have a major credit card and of those students, twenty-five percent carry more than $3,000 in credit card debt.

We offer three great opportunities for high school students to gain valuable skills in these areas:

Get Smart About Credit




Every fall, Institution for Savings banking executives visit high schools in the Bank's market area to talk to seniors about the importance of careful budgeting, maintaining good credit and the perils of bad credit. The intent is to help young adults develop a stronger understanding of credit and how to use it responsibly.



Credit for Life FairEach spring, the Institution for Savings, in collaboration with local high schools in our market, coordinates and underwrites the Institution for Savings Credit for Life Fair. The Credit for Life Fair is a nationally recognized program designed to help high school students develop personal financial management skills that they will use throughout their lives.

Specifically, this is an interactive half day fair when 11th grade students play the roles of 25-year old adults and are assigned professions and annual salaries. Then working within a budget based on their monthly "income," students visit 10-15 booths over a 3 hour period to make "purchase" decisions utilizing cash, credit or savings. During the course of the Fair the students will also be faced with a variety of unexpected occurrences:  their 'car' breaks down and needs extensive repairs; their 'pet' needs to go to the vet;  etc. During and at the conclusion of the Fair they will be required to visit the Credit Counseling Booth where they will be able to check their "credit" and determine whether they are indeed living within their budget.


Educational School Banks

Photographic example of a school branchThe Institution for Savings currently operates banking offices within Ipswich, Newburyport, Beverly, Triton and Masconomet Regional High Schools. These unique branches provide student interns with a “hands-on” experience in the real world of banking.  Students of Newburyport High participate in this program as part of the school-to-career internship program. Ipswich, Triton, Beverly and Masconomet High School utilize this program in conjunction with banking and related business classes offered at their respective high schools.

Students are fully trained to work as actual tellers in a fully operational branch located within the high schools.  These branches are FDIC approved and insured and offer many of the services offered at our other branches.  Students and staff are encouraged to open accounts and perform their daily banking transactions during the three to four designated hours of operation while school is in session.

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