Most likely you've seen them: email messages asking you to verify personal information over the Internet.

The scam, popularly called 'phishing,' involves the use of replicas of existing Web pages to try to deceive you into entering personal, financial or password data. Often suspects use urgency or scare tactics, such as threats to close accounts.

At the Institution for Savings, we will never ask you via email to verify account information. We will never use email to threaten account closure. Please know this, as one defense against phishing. Other safeguards to help protect you from phishing scams:

If you see a suspicious-looking email message claiming to be from the Institution for Savings, please call us at 978-462-3106 or 978-356-3600, or email us with any questions or concerns. We continually monitor such reports and act on them promptly. Additionally, also consider contacting the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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