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Electronic Banking

Manage your business finances quickly, securely...
and when it is convenient for you.

We want to make running your business effective and efficient. Our Cash Management service features a collection of online tools that can help you manage your day-to-day cash flow and financial operations from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Do your banking early in the morning, late at night, on weekends or on holidays. Do it when you have a short break from the job or the kids. There’s never any waiting in line.

  • View account history.
  • Pay bills, transfer funds between accounts and enroll in E-Statements.
  • Make loan payments.
  • Receive alerts with important information about your account.
  • Download account information into financial management software programs.
  • Initiate domestic wire transfers.
  • Originate ACH transactions including via NACHA file import.
  • Multi-user login credentials. As the business owner, you set permissions for your employees.
  • Added layers of fraud prevention and security including Positive Pay to protect your account against altered, forged and counterfeit checks and ACH debit blocks and filters that prevent unauthorized ACH transactions.

    Questions? call us at 978-462-3106 or contact us.
Need to make a deposit but can't get to the Bank? Use your mobile device camera to make fast, secure 24/7 mobile deposits! 

  • Using your IFS goMobile Banking app, enter the dollar amount of the check, take a picture of the check front and back, choose your account, upload, and your deposit is complete.
  • You must apply for and be approved for Mobile Deposit.
  • Daily and monthly limits apply.
Mobile Deposit Endorsement: When depositing a check using Mobile Deposit, please make sure you sign your name on the endorsement area on the back of your check and write FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY.  If you deposit a check without this mandatory endorsement, the check will be rejected. 

Mobile Deposit Cutoff Time is Changing from 7 PM to 4 PM: Deposits made through Mobile Deposit prior to 4 PM Monday through Friday will be posted and available to you the next business day. Mobile Deposits made after 4 PM, and anytime on weekends and holidays, will be posted and available to you on the second business day following the date you complete your mobile deposit.
Goodbye postage stamps! With our free Bill Pay, you can pay your bills quickly, easily, and safely from anywhere with an Internet connection.

  • Pay any person or company, from your vendor to your landscaper.
  • Make one-time payments or schedule recurring payments in a matter of moments.
  • Receive emails and text messages with payment reminders.
  • Save time and paper by having your bills sent directly to your Bill Pay account.
Choose to receive your Institution for Savings checking, savings, money market and loan statements and notices electronically.

  • Receive timely information about account balances and recent transactions.
  • Cut down on clutter in your home or office.
  • Download monthly statements for later review and analysis.
  • Environmentally conscious...and free!
If you believe your online banking credentials (user ID, password, etc.) have been compromised, please do one or ALL of the following without delay:

  • Contact us immediately at 978-462-3106 during regular business hours.
  • If it is outside of our normal business hours, change your online banking user name and password using a device that you feel safe using (one that has not been compromised). Log into online banking or our mobile app. From the left menu (flyout menu in the app) click on your name in the lower left corner, click on Settings, click on Security and click Edit to change your username and password. IMPORTANT: DO NOT change this information on the device you believe has been compromised. For example, if you have a problem with your laptop, change your credentials using your smart phone. Following this change, call us as soon as possible during normal business hours.

Please refer to our Fee Schedule for fees associated with these services. 
For more information or to apply for Business Electronic Banking, call us at 978-462-3106 or contact us.