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Card Services

Access your funds no matter where you are with one of our convenient card solutions!

  • Make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted.
  • Get cash, make deposits, transfer funds.
  • Make free point-of-sale transactions.
  • Surcharge-free withdrawals at SUM Network ATMs*.
  • Get cash, make deposits, transfer funds.
  • Make free point-of-sale transactions.
  • Surcharge-free withdrawals at SUM Network ATMs*.

Leave your wallet at home -- use your phone or other mobile device to make purchases securely! By adding your Institution for Savings Visa debit card to the mobile wallet of your choosing, you can pay for groceries, coffee and more with a simple tap of your smartphone, smartwatch or tablet at checkout. You can even add multiple cards for added flexibility.

How it Works

  • Download and/or open your mobile wallet app.
  • Load your debit card information.
  • Add PIN or other security measures as instructed.
  • Hold or tap your device at checkout!

We currently support three mobile payment options: Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

  • Contact us at 978-462-3106 during regular business hours.
  • Instantly report your card as lost or stolen by logging into your online banking or using your mobile banking app.
  • Call our Automated Telephone Banking line at 800-437-6703.

Please note:  When you report your card as lost or stolen on our online system, a replacement card will not be automatically reordered for you. To order a replacement ATM or debit card, please call us at 978-462-3106 during regular banking hours.

We are committed to safeguarding our customers' funds by taking proactive security measures to help reduce the risk of fraud-related activity. Our EMV chip technology offers enhanced safety features designed to prevent fraudulent practices such as card skimming and cloning. For those with a contactless card, tap away to pay;  each transaction generates a one-time code that is extremely effective in reducing fraud. 

  • If you believe you have been a victim of fraud, please call us at 978-462-3106 or contact us immediately.
  • Whether you are in the US or traveling abroad, your card could be declined as part of our comprehensive fraud monitoring system. If you receive an alert from us regarding a suspicious transaction, review and promptly respond to verify transaction.
  • You can also temporarily freeze your card or report it lost or stolen by logging into online banking on your computer or mobile device.
  • Due to advances in technology you no longer need to notify us if you are traveling outside the U.S. 

  • In our ongoing efforts to mitigate security risks, transactions conducted outside the U.S. could be declined as part of our comprehensive fraud monitoring system. It is critical that you notify us of any recent updates or changes to your contact information prior to traveling to ensure that you are notified in the event of any issues.  
  • Your Institution for Savings ATM/Visa Debit Card will only work at ATMs displaying the Cirrus and Maestro logos. For more information visit the MasterCard website and choose the ATM locator option to see all ATMs in a particular area that meet this criteria. (Visa utilizes a separate ATM Network that does not apply to Institution for Savings ATM cash withdrawals.)  
  • You may also be able to get a cash advance at any bank displaying the Visa logo and you can use your debit card at any merchant displaying the Visa logo.
  • We strongly recommend that you are prepared with an alternative method of travel funds such as a credit card, travelers checks or cash in case your card does not work at certain establishments or in certain areas.
  • We will never charge you a fee for using your card. However, surcharges may be charged by other financial institutions if you use their machines. Additionally, for foreign debit card purchases you will likely be charged a fee from the merchants’ network.
  • The same daily limits that you have on your card in the United States will apply internationally. Typically there is a $500 daily ATM cash withdrawal limit and a $1500 daily debit card point-of-sale limit. (These are in US dollars so foreign amounts may vary.)

*We are not responsible for surcharges imposed by other financial institutions outside of SUM Network.
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