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Meet Our Commercial Lenders

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Our experienced Commercial Lending team will help you take your business to the next level with flexible terms, competitive rates and prompt lending decisions made right here at home.  Whether you need financing to purchase real estate, fund growth, boost cash flow, purchase inventor, or simply drive success, our team will work closely with you and guide you through every step of the process.  
Mark Zink, Commercial Lender
Mark S. Zink
Senior Vice President/
Senior Lender

phone icon 978-225-1352
David Doucette, Commercial Lender
David Doucette
Senior Vice President/Lender
phone icon 978-225-1344

Theresa Espinola, Commercial Lender
Theresa Espinola
Vice President/Lender
phone icon 978-312-6810

Laurie Rostkowski, Commercial Lender
Lori G. Rostkowski
Vice President/Lender
phone icon 978-309-1235

Valerie Trevisone, Commercial Lender
Valerie R. Trevisone
Vice President/Lender
phone icon 978-312-6816