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Meet Our Charitable Partners

LEAP for Education, Inc.

leap for education logoLEAP for Education, based in Salem, MA, empowers underserved students to achieve social and economic mobility by cultivating personal, educational and career growth.
They do this by teaching students academic and life-skills needed to perform at higher levels in middle school and high school. Students also receive ongoing personalized support and community connections which helps them graduate from college and create a future based on their strengths and interests. Founded in 2002 under the name Salem CyberSpace as part of NSCAP (North Shore Community Actions Program) it first introduced adult computer training and its first youth program opened up in the summer of 2003 with 7 students. Within a few years, LEAP became the leading provider of after-school academic services to low-income youth, grades 6-16, on the North Shore.
  • 100% of students enrolled in LEAP's College Success programs graduate high school and enroll in post-secondary degree or credential program.
  • 86% of College Success students graduated with a post-secondary degree or credential or have successfully entered their junior year in college.
  • 75% of College Success students graduated with a post-secondary degree or credential.
  • 100% of our students complete their financial aid forms and over 90% receive grants and scholarships.
In June we were pleased to grant LEAP $5,000 to help continue to build and expand its Gloucester Summer Internship Program. The internship program will run July 6th to August 13th. In the first week, a LEAP staff member and a Career Mentor will help a youth create a project. Thereafter, each will meet separately on a weekly basis with the youth via video-conference to review the progress of their project and to mentor them on career exploration job search skills.

LEAP provides Career Mentors with weekly discussion plans to cover a variety of job readiness topics. Youth will be paid for their work, provided they finish their project and meet minimum attendance standards. LEAP will further enrich each youth’s experience with virtual skill-building workshops. Each Zoom workshop will focus on important workplace skills. As part of CAYAECC, this summer, Project Adventure will partner with LEAP to run highly interactive activities and exercises to teach key “social skills.”  They will also have speakers each week on various education/career topics.

For more information on this great organization, or to find out about the many volunteer opportunities visit their website or contact LEAP’s Career & Outreach Associate Madison Seligman.